Why property maintenance will save you money

Landlords don’t need to be told that their homes need looking after to attract tenants but not so many are aware of why they should have a property maintenance schedule.
Not only will this ensure that regular work is carried out, it will also flag up those small problems that inevitably grow into a major problems without being resolved.
In addition, many landlords are unaware that even though they are properly insured to deal with any major repair work – that insurance becomes invalid if it appears that property maintenance hasn’t been carried out diligently.
For instance, do you regularly ensure that the guttering on your property is regularly cleared of leaves and debris?
If not, you should do because if you make a claim for a damp problem and the cause is found to be from the poorly-maintained guttering then your insurance claim will fail.
With the insurance claim being turned down will come a hefty repair bill which could have been avoided.
The issue of what landlords should do to property maintenance up to date comes as the Halifax Insurance unveils the latest results from its Home Maintenance Monitor.
Their findings have revealed that around 11% of the UK’s homes are in desperate need of urgent repair – while half need some minor work.
So while 28% of homeowners claim to be DIY-savvy and enthusiastic about maintaining their home, around a third confess to only having the skills to carry cosmetic work, such as grouting or painting.
They also admit to not having the confidence to carry out the fairly straightforward property maintenance needed that could prevent long-term problems from damp.
Ben Hillman, who appears on TV’s 60 Minute Makeover, says that landlords and property owners should have a year-round programme of maintenance.
He adds: “By having such a programme to ensure a home is well maintained will save both time and money.
“For instance, having the gutters cleaned may cost £40 but having to replace damaged gutters could cost more than £550 – and more in terms of hassle.”
He added that ‘quick-fixes’ are the most popular way of maintaining a home but he says that a lack of awareness may lead landlords and homeowners into avoiding problems which will bring a more serious impact.
He says: “Home maintenance should be high on everyone’s agenda and older properties have a greater need for maintenance.”

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